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     Reliable high-quality service from New Southgate Carpet Cleaning Company.
Maureen Irwin20/06/2024
     I found the cleaners to be polite, hardworking, and very knowledgeable.
Irene Phillips10/06/2024
     First-rate communication when resolving problems. Always polite and helpful. True to their word and effective cleaners are provided.
Fiona L.31/05/2024
     I confidently suggest this agency as they continuously offer an exemplary service. The chosen cleaner flawlessly suits the client's specifications, resulting in swift work with a willingness to fulfill any further demands.
S. Brookfield17/05/2024
     This reliable company continues to provide us with fantastic service that we can always count on, even after all these years.
Thelma Yates22/04/2024
     These two cleaners were an absolute delight to have in my home - they were hardworking, polite, transparent, and showed great respect towards my space. I am truly impressed and will definitely be hiring them again without hesitation.
Stephanie E.30/03/2024
     The convenience of moving into an already cleaned home was made possible by New Southgate Carpet Cleaning, who did a fantastic job of making our new house feel like home from day one.
G. Harris20/03/2024
     A big thank you to my friend for introducing me to this trustworthy contact for carpet cleaning services.
Daisy Jenkins18/12/2023
     Utilizing New Southgate Carpet Cleaning as my go-to cleaning service has been incredibly beneficial. Thoroughly cleaning the home is no small feat, so it's great to have them nearby whenever I need some help and at reasonable rates too.
Haiden Watson11/05/2023
     I've got nothing but praise for New Southgate Carpet Cleaning; friendly, professional and super-fast in responding to emails. I strongly suggest that you try them!
Kendal M.15/02/2023
     I had called several cleaning companies before seeing that this one was quite a bit more affordable than the others. Their cleaners did a great job with my flat. It's sparkling clean. Much cleaner than I've ever had it!
Tawny H.21/05/2020
     Thank you for the awesome domestic cleaning experience the whole process from booking to the actual cleaning was very smooth.
     I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Carpet Cleaning Services New Southgate. In fact, their home cleaning service was so good, I've already passed on their details to a few people!
H. Litner27/02/2018
     I was a little bit nervous before I called NewSouthgateCarpetCleaners. That was my first time hiring a professional cleaner. Soon I found out that this was a great idea. The entire cleaning process was very smooth. The cleaner helped me clean some places that I had been struggling with for years. I recommend this company to anyone that needs professional help.
Peter S.21/07/2016
     I get my rugs cleaned using New Southgate Carpet Cleaning and their rug cleaning service. The cleaners always do a great job, and even really terrible stains can be removed by them! I've recommended this service over and over again and just had to write a review as well - try this company if you want cleaner rugs!
Josh P.14/10/2015
     My past experiences with house cleaners have been such that I have always had to linger around and supervise their work in order to get any decent cleaning done. This, however, was not the case with NewSouthgateCarpetCleaners. Their cleaners clearly knew their job well and were very accommodating of certain requests that I had made. Timely arrival, polite and friendly interaction and dedicated work definitely makes them one of the best cleaning teams I have worked with.
T. Brown18/02/2015
     I lead a pretty hectic life and to be honest barely have time to relax, let alone get out that duster and start cleaning my home! That's why I decided to hire the services of NewSouthgateCarpetCleaners and every week a crew of professional cleaners visit my house and mop my floors, vacuum the carpets in the bedroom, change the bed linen, put on the laundry and when necessary even give my oven a thorough clean. Thanks to this cleaning company I now have more time to myself.
     I always thought that professional cleaning services would be out of my price range, but NewSouthgateCarpetCleaners convinced me otherwise. Their high quality cleaning services and superb attention to detail were easy to afford. My cleaners showed up on time, did a great job, and were friendly as well! They offered all of the services I could have possibly asked for, and just, well, thoroughly impressed me! My home is spotless, has that freshly built smell, and is a pleasure to live in! My friends have all commented on my new home, and have already considered hiring with them too!
Mindy Jackson21/08/2014
     I don't really know the right end of a broom, so I have always used a cleaning company. You have to when you are both busy and incompetent as I am, and I am so glad that there is a service out there that caters for such useless people as myself. Without NewSouthgateCarpetCleaners I would be ruined, as they completely manage all of my domestic cleaning, and ensure that I have a beautifully clean house to return to hen I have finished a busy day at the office. They are excellent to work with, and I hope that others enjoy their services as I have.
Henry Robinson14/05/2014
     My wife went to go and see her parents abroad for 3 months, which meant that the home was not as clean as it would have been had she stayed here. A week before she was supposed to come back, I decided to get the house cleaned to avoid confrontation as soon as she walked in. NewSouthgateCarpetCleaners managed to fit me in before my wife came home and sure enough did a better job than (dare I say) she does! My wife was pleased to walk into a clean home and I was pleased to have avoided an argument - bonus!
Tomas B.27/03/2014